Monday, April 20, 2009

TRAINS - words by TRAINS athlete Matt Nelson

This year High Fives event "Trains" was the most fun competition this year.  The setup and different events including best high five, train, 540, male, female, and overall team made for an awesome event.  Every time I went down to the chair lift all I saw were high fives and smiles on the riders faces which is what the event is about.  I was really excited to see the setup this year because I heard Roy saying that it was going to be super fun.  When I showed up Friday for practice I saw what JP Martin had created and knew that the event would be one of a kind.  When Becca picked me for the blue team I was ready and couldn't wait to see who the rest of my team was.  I was stoked and knew we had an awesome team when riders Sean Collin, Tyler Homen, and Sean Carey were picked.  One thing I really liked about this event is that you don't get that nervous feeling because you only have two runs to lay down your best tricks.  Instead you are out there having fun skiing with all your friends at Sugarbowl.  Some highlights that I will remember from this years event:  Our teams high five which was two superman front flips with high fives over the barrel jib, winning best male, and to top everything taking the best team overall!  I know this event and the High Fives Foundation will keep growing and look forward to upcoming years!  HIGH FIVE!!!!!!
Matt gets rad at TRAINS with the Sugar Bowl Palisades behind.  One of the many tricks that Matt threw down to win Best Male.

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