Thursday, April 9, 2009

Judging at Red Dawn Shop Battle

"Just got back from judging the Red Dawn Shop Battle, and hyped the two events that High Fives Non-Profit Foundation is putting on next week; April 14th the Pastime Club Foundation Kick-Off and April 18th TRAINS at Sugarbowl. Trains judge Mike Laroche and Trains invited Athlete Peter Kukesh were the other two judges for this 5th annual event. Boreal Ski Resort put together a nice venue with a top section; down-rail, inverted plastic ditch pipe, farm tractor tire, a down-flat-down rail and a bottom section; wall ride, coping pipe, and 2-sided hip jump with Will Wesson and Andy Perry from the Line Travelling Circus documenting the event for there ongoing webisode series. Judging was a great experience since numerous Trains athletes were in the event and I could see them showcase their steeze, in the event was Jason Arens, Casey Krueger, and Courtney Royce. Highlights included Casey Krueger throwing double backflips, Jason Arens styled out rodeo-5-japans, Nicky B destroing tents, banners, and the course, and the highlight for the event Mike Laroche making it rain Trail Mix as insane tricks were thrown. Thanks to Matt and Rom from the Red Dawn for this event and the athletes throwing down in the now stellar weather. High Fives....."

April 14th - Foundation Kick-off Party @ Pastime Club
April 18th - TRAINS presented by High Fives Non-Profit @ Sugarbowl

Roy Tuscany

CEO/ Co-Founder
High Fives Non-Profit Foundation

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