Monday, April 27, 2009

Trains - Video Edit by Stonebroke Films

Trent Palmer of Stonebrokfilms has put together another masterpiece, a 5 minute edit of the event; TRAINS. Please follow the link below to witness the great day, broken down into 5 minutes of video magic. Please check out Trent's site to buy a copy of his movie ALONE.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TRAINS - words by Sean Carey


Coming from the point of view of a long time competitor, high fives is probably the most progressive competition of its kind.  The standard of excellence from skiing, organization, and just flat out fun will continue to out-do itself year after year. We've all heard the expression "if you ain't first, your last"!  Well, in this competition they both meant the same thing.  It didn't matter how well you did, because of the spirit and support each athlete dedicated.
As one of the older athletes competing in High Fives, I am thrilled to watch this foundation grow as a whole and continue to lift the standard of freeskiing!  Congrats to all !!

High Fives (where excellence is average)

Sean Carey

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Becca Babicz on TRAINS


When Roy invited me to TRAINS this year and told me it was going to be a team competition with a girl on every team, I was really excited and one thing popped into my mind "Orage Masters of Tahoe."

I missed the practice/photoshoot day on Friday which wound up being a good thing because I didn't get to see the set up and didn't lose sleep. A lot of times before competitions I cant sleep because I'm too excited/anxious/nervous thinking about the next day and what tricks I want to throw.

Saturday went by really fast but you know what they say about time flying by. Kress Durfee, Courtney Royce, Shawndrea Wisma, Brit White and myself were the invited girls and got to be captains picking our team middle- school gym class style. I was captain of team blue, which also happens to be my favorite color. It was a good sign.

After skiing with Matt Nelson and seeing him kill it numerous amounts of times at Northstar this year, I was confident he would be my first pick. I really had no idea he could do double rodeos, I just knew he had silky smooth style and cat like reflexes where he always lands on his feet. Matt wound up impressing the judges by throwing a rodeo off the up rail feature, a double rodeo and numerous spin rotations, taking the top individual prize of best overall male. When it came
time to pick my next team member, I couldn't believe no one picked Sean Collin, last years winner and the only kid I know that can do every grab ever invented plus grabs that I've never even seen or heard of before. The judges also like Sean's style and he won best 540. When I got to pick my last two team members I was baffeled. How could no one have picked Tyler Homen and Sean Carey!? I really got lucky, I guess. I skied with T-Hoe in previous years but not much this season and didn't know he learned  double back flips! Sean Carey was my savior  and let me follow his speed into the jump. He also came up with our team high five, that won the best high five award. He sat up on the barrel and slapped our hands as we flew through the air. Sean and Matt even did flipping high fives! I also had an honorary member, Jex Lawrence who skied with me throughout the individual competition. Jex is like that Twista song "overnight celebrity" somehow he woke up one day in March and decided to get really sick at skiing.

The speed in the jump got slower and slower throughout the day, but what else could you expect from a blue bird 60 degree weather day? There wound up being more cases than a liquor store on that jump and I felt like an 80- year old woman the day after the competition, after getting worked quit a bit.  But my blue team killed it and we won best team which meant $100, a bunch of cool swag and my favorite thing ever, moon boots!

The competition for me was one last time to see all my ski friends before the season ended. It's weird how ski friends come and go in waves, and sometimes you'll be skiing with someone for weeks straight and then not see them for a month. And with season pass prices, it seems like my friends were all scattered at different mountains this year. So that was my favorite part, to reunite and see everyone killing it on a nice sunny day. 

high five, BB

Becca Babicz following TRAINS teammate Sean Carey, as Team Blue sends a train over the 62-foot jump at Sugar Bowl

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TRAINS event photos UP

Event photo's on the High Fives Foundation facebook group page from GP Martin Photography.  Athletes interested in obtaining shots of them from TRAINS please email

Reno Gazette Journal - High Fives Foundation

Check out the article by TRAINS athlete, Becca Babicz, in the Reno Gazette Journal.  Thanks for coming out Saturday and taking an interest in our cause!  High Fives

Monday, April 20, 2009

TRAINS - words by TRAINS athlete Matt Nelson

This year High Fives event "Trains" was the most fun competition this year.  The setup and different events including best high five, train, 540, male, female, and overall team made for an awesome event.  Every time I went down to the chair lift all I saw were high fives and smiles on the riders faces which is what the event is about.  I was really excited to see the setup this year because I heard Roy saying that it was going to be super fun.  When I showed up Friday for practice I saw what JP Martin had created and knew that the event would be one of a kind.  When Becca picked me for the blue team I was ready and couldn't wait to see who the rest of my team was.  I was stoked and knew we had an awesome team when riders Sean Collin, Tyler Homen, and Sean Carey were picked.  One thing I really liked about this event is that you don't get that nervous feeling because you only have two runs to lay down your best tricks.  Instead you are out there having fun skiing with all your friends at Sugarbowl.  Some highlights that I will remember from this years event:  Our teams high five which was two superman front flips with high fives over the barrel jib, winning best male, and to top everything taking the best team overall!  I know this event and the High Fives Foundation will keep growing and look forward to upcoming years!  HIGH FIVE!!!!!!
Matt gets rad at TRAINS with the Sugar Bowl Palisades behind.  One of the many tricks that Matt threw down to win Best Male.

TRAINS clips from

Thanks to Tim Konrad and Mattias Sullivan from for coming out to TRAINS on Saturday and putting some clips together for everyone to enjoy.  

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another epic day at Sugar Bowl, TRAINS 2009

What a great day for High Fives Foundation to host this year's spring ski event, TRAINS, up at Sugar Bowl Resort, California.  With temps well into the 60's and abundant sunshine, all 25 invited athletes gave it their all in an amazing display of slopestyle skiing, team work and positivity.

Thanks to all the supporters that came out to celebrate High Fives and see Tahoe's young guns show off their talents.  Thanks to all of our sponsors for this year's event:  Volkl skis, Tecnica, Smith Optics, Charity Smith, Discrete, Grundens Weather Gear, Surefoot, Porters, Full Belly Deli, The Mountain Forge...and many other strong supporters!  Last but not least, a huge thanks to the team at Sugar Bowl for an amazing job making this event a success for the econd year in a row.  JP Martin you are the man, thank you.


Best Male: Matt Nelson
Best Female: Kress Durfee
Best 540: Sean Collin 
Best Trick: Parker White
Best High Five: Sean Carey, Matt Nelson, Sean Collin
Best Train: Red Team  (Jed Kravitz, Jimy Greenleaf, Casey Krueger, Chris Logan, Courtney Royce)
Best Team Overall:  Blue Team (Sean Carey, Matt Nelson, Sean Collin, Becca Babicz, Tyler Homen)

Here's some pics from earlier today.  Much more to come very soon!  

High Fives
Two Deep over the jump, mid TRAIN.
Sean Collin - Winner Best 540...Sean put on an amazing display today
Ralph Backstrom - High Fives supporter and all around ripper, gettin' dirty
The Mountain Forge custom trophies presented to Best Trick, Best male, Best Female, Best 540, Best High Five
Getting rad over the rail yard

Friday, April 17, 2009

TRAINS Tasters

With TRAINS ready to kick-off tomorrow morning we spent the afternoon with a select group of athletes tweaking the features up in the Switching Yard at Sugar Bowl.  Here's a few tasters from building earlier today....everyone's on schedule to throw down at tomorrow's event!
Discussing the finishing touches to be completed tonight with some athletes
Photog's lining up the right shots
Omar, Laroche, and Roy supervising
The theory of the canon rail brought to reality
JP Martin killed it putting the features together with the warm temps and melting snow!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Past Time Club

Huge support came out in Truckee last night to party with High Fives Foundation at the Past Time Club and kick off this weekend's event at Sugar Bowl, TRAINS.  Athletes, friends, unknowns, and High Fives mingled to the fresh beats of One Truest, King of Hearts and The Silver Boombox Thief.  Our event sponsors hooked it up with the dope prizes that where raffled off.  And you awsome partiers bought the bar out...yes that's right, the Past Time ran out of Pabst (PT happens to be the king of Pabst) and had to reach deep for reserves...High Fives!  pics to come.

If you missed the excitement, you're not lost yet.  Get out to Sugar Bowl Saturday and take you're stake at Wing King (1pm) and check out Tahoe's top present and future athletes as they throw down in the Switching Yard terrain park.  Event starts at 11am.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tim Dutton Wins in Alaska

Big Up to Tim Dutton from right here in Tahoe for his win in Alyeska for the Subaru Freeskiing World Championships.  This following up his recent win in Kirkwood, Tim's on his game right now.  Check him out this weekend at TRAINS and be sure to give him a High Five!

Friday, April 10, 2009

High Fives in Sierra Sun!!!

Check out the Sierra Sun Online for the lead story on High Fives Foundation.  Some great dialogue from Roy remembering his accident and community support that sparked what High Fives is today, as well as our current activities and group photo of the crew that's been making everything happen, High Fives!  

**Print version will be out on the Sierra Sun's next run.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Judging at Red Dawn Shop Battle

"Just got back from judging the Red Dawn Shop Battle, and hyped the two events that High Fives Non-Profit Foundation is putting on next week; April 14th the Pastime Club Foundation Kick-Off and April 18th TRAINS at Sugarbowl. Trains judge Mike Laroche and Trains invited Athlete Peter Kukesh were the other two judges for this 5th annual event. Boreal Ski Resort put together a nice venue with a top section; down-rail, inverted plastic ditch pipe, farm tractor tire, a down-flat-down rail and a bottom section; wall ride, coping pipe, and 2-sided hip jump with Will Wesson and Andy Perry from the Line Travelling Circus documenting the event for there ongoing webisode series. Judging was a great experience since numerous Trains athletes were in the event and I could see them showcase their steeze, in the event was Jason Arens, Casey Krueger, and Courtney Royce. Highlights included Casey Krueger throwing double backflips, Jason Arens styled out rodeo-5-japans, Nicky B destroing tents, banners, and the course, and the highlight for the event Mike Laroche making it rain Trail Mix as insane tricks were thrown. Thanks to Matt and Rom from the Red Dawn for this event and the athletes throwing down in the now stellar weather. High Fives....."

April 14th - Foundation Kick-off Party @ Pastime Club
April 18th - TRAINS presented by High Fives Non-Profit @ Sugarbowl

Roy Tuscany

CEO/ Co-Founder
High Fives Non-Profit Foundation

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Can't wait for Tuesday night?!

Then get out tonight and head to Moody's in Truckee to bounce to the beats of DJ One Trues t and Matsu for a preview of what's to come next week!  

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TRAINS Athlete List

High Fives Foundation presents TRAINS, April 18th, Sugar Bowl California.

Listed below are this year's athletes.  Thanks to everyone for joining on and stay tuned for details leading up to the event right here and our facebook group page.  High Fives!

Male Athletes:
Peter Kukesh RedDawn/Line/Alpine Meadows
Mat Jackson Squaw/Volkl
Ben Paciotti Squaw
Sean Carey Sugar Bowl/Salomon
Sean Collin Stonebroke/Squaw Free
Ryan Price Sugar Bowl/switching yard
Devin Price Sugar Bowl/switching yard
Davis Souza Sugar Bowl
Troy Cook Northstar
Matt Nelson Northstar/Stonebroke
Casey Krueger Tahoe Freeride
Andy McDowell Stonebroke/Volkl
Nick Miles Mammoth
Chris Logan Mammoth
Jason Arens Sierra-at-Tahoe
Carson LeHouillier Squaw Free/Volkl
Parker White Mammoth
Tyler Homen Stonebroke 
Timmy Dutton Squaw
Jimmy Greenleaf Mammoth
Brian Walker Sierra-at-Tahoe

Female Athletes:
Becca Babicz Boreal/Moment
Kress Durfee Alpine Meadows
Courtney Royce South Lake
Shaundrea Wisma South lake
Brit White Smith

Jex Lawrence
Jed Kravitz

Friday, April 3, 2009

High Fives Gear

Fresh new High Fives gear is in!  T-Shirts in assorted sizes and colors, stickers in 3 sizes and colors.  Email james@highfivesfoundation to become a supporter today!