Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TRAINS Athlete List

High Fives Foundation presents TRAINS, April 18th, Sugar Bowl California.

Listed below are this year's athletes.  Thanks to everyone for joining on and stay tuned for details leading up to the event right here and our facebook group page.  High Fives!

Male Athletes:
Peter Kukesh RedDawn/Line/Alpine Meadows
Mat Jackson Squaw/Volkl
Ben Paciotti Squaw
Sean Carey Sugar Bowl/Salomon
Sean Collin Stonebroke/Squaw Free
Ryan Price Sugar Bowl/switching yard
Devin Price Sugar Bowl/switching yard
Davis Souza Sugar Bowl
Troy Cook Northstar
Matt Nelson Northstar/Stonebroke
Casey Krueger Tahoe Freeride
Andy McDowell Stonebroke/Volkl
Nick Miles Mammoth
Chris Logan Mammoth
Jason Arens Sierra-at-Tahoe
Carson LeHouillier Squaw Free/Volkl
Parker White Mammoth
Tyler Homen Stonebroke 
Timmy Dutton Squaw
Jimmy Greenleaf Mammoth
Brian Walker Sierra-at-Tahoe

Female Athletes:
Becca Babicz Boreal/Moment
Kress Durfee Alpine Meadows
Courtney Royce South Lake
Shaundrea Wisma South lake
Brit White Smith

Jex Lawrence
Jed Kravitz

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