Friday, June 12, 2009

Longballz High Fives Softball part. 1

High Fives was fully represented last night by the Longballz Softball team of Tahoe City.  Playing Jakes On the Lake the Longballz High Five'd to a 26-5 victory!  Highlights of the game came from the Longballz's hot double plays, homeruns from Ralph Backstrom and others, and to top it off a cameo At-Bat from Roy Tunscany driving one for a single and racing down the first base line to be called safe!

Check out the pics below to see the action and High Fives both at and post game at the Pete N Peter's afterparty.

High Fives represented on the field.  Jeff, Niel, Adam and Ralph turn'n plays.

Niel excited about his new mullet steez.  

High Fives ladies represent.  Nikki and JP warming up.

Alicia, Mary-Kate, and Ashley...even celebrities can't stay away.

Niel and Ben preparing for the game sporting their new mullets.

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