Thursday, May 7, 2009

TRAINS - words by Kress Durfee (Winner Best Female)

I had pretty much been looking forward to TRAINS since I heard about it, actually more so since last year when they didnt have a girls category. It really cant be anything but fun when you put an innovative setup, creative format, a bunch of friends, music, food, and SUN together in one event.  JP delivered both by building a sweet setup with the snow conditions he had to work with and collaborating with the athletes' input. I was really into the format this year because it didnt feel like a competition at all, rather it reflected a normal day out skiing with the buddies; watching everyone kill it and also getting support to push myself as well.
 Unfortunately, about halfway through the individual jam, I landed a little too far down for my knee to handle, which ended my day competing as well as my season.  It's really unfortunate, but at the same time it has brought forth to me what High Fives is all about.  Injuries suck, and after being fresh off a previous injury it's the last thing I want to go through.  Having support makes it ten times better to deal with.  Roy has been super supportive already and I think with his inspiration and cause, the High Fives foundation is one of the best things going in Tahoe.  
I saw Roy take some turns on Friday and it was fricken awesome.

High Five

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